We all love our mobile phones and probably, keep a lot of stuff in them, including our photos. While this is the case, the phone may end up getting lost (or you can probably get angry and crash it on the wall), you then end up losing all your data. This is why you need to consider cloud storage options. Cloud storage enables you to upload and backup photos from your android or PC to an online source. Here’s a good intro to cloud storage if you don’t currently understand it all. The best cloud storage options include;

Google photos

This is one of the most popular cloud storage for photos whereby users can back up, share and edit their pictures. The photos saved on the drive are uploaded with the location and date taken. A user is able to make animations and collages from the saved photos. Among its features include;

Auto-delete option

To eliminate multiple copies, this cloud storage has features that automatically delete pictures after they have been backed up. This helps save your device space.

Retrieves deleted photos

Did you accidentally delete a wrong photo? No problem.  Google photos cloud storage holds deleted images in their trash for at least 60 days so that you can easily retrieve them.

Privacy features

Google photos storage enables you to hide the location where you took the photos so you don’t need to worry about your privacy anymore.

Microsoft one drive

This is another cloud storage option for photo whereby a user gets up to 5 GB free storage. You can easily backup, store and share your photos. It also allows you to draw, highlight and comment on the photos.

Recycle bin

Microsoft one drive has features that act as a ‘recycle bin’. It keeps the files that you want to delete or store there for some time without appearing on your current files. The files can be reinstated any time the user wants to.


Drop box is also among the most secure cloud option for your photos. It is like a magical folder that enables a user to synchronize their photos to the cloud. Besides backing up your photos, you are also allowed to comment and view photos without installing any extra software. A user can share screen shots of their photos by enabling the drop box screenshot sharing features.


Sync.com will help keep your memories safe and secure. It helps users to backup and also restore photos that were accidentally deleted.


This is an extremely safe cloud only storage option provided by Sync.com. It can back up and stores files to the cloud, but these files cannot be accessed on the sync folder on your device. This cloud storage option can be very safe for saving your important documents.


Flicker has auto uploading features that automatically upload photos and video captions on your device. Everything uploaded by Flicker becomes private by default-if you want to publicly share you photos, you may have to review the storage settings.

Back up old photos

Flicker enables you to back up photos that you took prior to the installation of the app. You can also edit your photo within the cloud storage (although it does not have extensive editing features like in Photoshop).

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