Have you just graduate from a photography class, with your hard earned certificate at hand? Well, congratulations. This is actually one of the greatest achievements in your entire life. But after brushing up those photography skills you learned in school, there comes another very critical step you need to make……. looking for clients.

There is this recent television program that I happened to watch. Professional photographers were sharing stories on how they got their first clients and I can tell you, at times it just depends on luck. It can take you days, or maybe a few weeks for you to land on your first client, while at times, you will end up waiting for months. A number of photographers had to go an extra mile to spend on advertising themselves but in the long run, they all got somewhere.

Before kicking off your photography career, you need to specialize on a specific niche. Photographers who specialize become experts in their niches and can better market themselves to a captive market. You also stand a higher chance of retaining the clients you do secure. So back to our point, how can you get your first client in your photography career?

Friends and family

These are the two very important categories of people you need to consider when looking for your first client for a photography business. Those two categories are your friends and family. Ask them if they are willing to give you a shot. Even if you do the work for a free or a reduced rate this will help you establish a portfolio which you can then use to acquire paying customers.

Industry professionals

Need a photography client, why not contact event planners and demonstrate to them the quality of work you can deliver? If they like what they see they can be a valuable source of leads and business. Perhaps even suggest that you photograph some of their venues so that they have some new material to use in their own advertising campaigns. This can add to your portfolio and help you establish contacts in the industry.

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Social media

One very important aspect you need to consider on social media is the quality of work you display. Is it catchy? Can it draw someone’s attention?  If both your answers are yes, then there you go. While you may not get a client straight away from social media it is a valuable way of building up your brand, and you never know who might stumble across your work.

Door to door

Have you heard of politicians who hold door to door campaigns to request for votes? Well, it actually does work. This can happen in photography too. Visit peoples homes and showcase some of your work. This can be especially effective if you specialize in taking family portraits.

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